Are you afraid of the dark ..?
Hiking in daytime can be good fun, but Hiking at Night can be really thrilling. A fine clear night in Autumn or Spring is the right sort of night for a hike. Of course there are obvious safety factors to consider, such as avoiding cliff edges and other steep drops, as well as wet or dangerous ground. We aim for easy, uncomplicated terrain like the open land of valle Giumentina. The gentle, grassy slopes are ideal locations, where the chalk paths can even act as a luminous guide in the moonlight.


Hiking in the bright of the day can be a pleasant experience, but hiking at night under a full moon can be an uncommon adventure. As summer temperatures heat up that desire to hit the trail often dwindles. Although hiking at night can be an enjoyable experience during spring and fall, heading out after dark is often most popular in areas where the summer heat becomes relentless.
Everything changes when hiking after dark, including a familiar trail. The luminescence seen at night often accentuates nature's beauty; the moon's reflection dances across a body of water, fireflies light up a trail and mysterious owls call for their mates from the surrounding trees.
Trails that climb in altitude closer to the city will reveal an exquisite light show. As humans we are not characteristically creatures of the night, at least in a wilderness sense. Hiking at night gives adventurers the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and reconnect with nature.

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