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If You want to:
lose weight, look years younger and radically change your health, look no further ...


Revel in Fresh Air, Soak up Vitamin D & Improve Your Looks ...
and Life with our Inter-cellular Rejuvenation Program.





The right time to invest in your body and mind is NOW. Each of us have different reasons that we don’t feel that we are operating at an optimal level; it may be that dieting isn’t bringing us the desired results, we lack energy and enthusiasm for life or it could be that we just feel that it is the right time to step up and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Indulge in this holistic Program to get rid of extra pounds and eliminate bodily toxins including this breakthrough holistic well-being system. Experience fantastic raw, vegan cuisine before transferring to daily detoxing juices. Removing bad fats, empty calories and acid forming foods from your diet will not only help you to slim down, but will also improve your health, general well-being and aid total body rejuvenation at cellular level.

Our Nutrition & Fitness Experts, combined four Shape Remodelling and Well Being Programs to obtain in a short time tangible Total Rejuvenation results. Remodelling with different types of dynamic yoga, bringing the glow back to your skin with blood alkalizing organic food, weight-loss and detoxifying through specific exercise to stimulate the metabolism and assist you find your own harmony back ...


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This structured Program

is designed to kick-start your transformation and guide you towards a lifestyle approach to improved Well-Being & Total

Body Rejuvenation ...

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"Rejuvenation Elite" programme is available in two formats: ONE WEEK or SHORT BREAK and comprises of a of Specific Treatments on a full-board basis (ask for details)

The basic Raw Organic Alkaline Diet is followed by specific SPA treatments, daily exercise and plenty fun. Activities involve Sun Salutation Yoga, Tibetan Rites, Hiking & Barefoot Walking. We will start the day in the Mountains and finish it by the Adriatic Sea. 

You will be asked to start your Personalized Programme one week prior to arrival at our Farm Organic Retreat, here, at the Retreat you will receive your third week plan as a follow up after your departure.



Trim, Tone, Rejuvenate &
Move from
Good to



  • Farm Organic Alkaline Rainbow Diet
  • Organic Super Foods from Selected Sources such as hemp protein, chlorella, spirulina, chia seeds, goji berry, raw cacao, cacao nibs, agave, wheat-grass, lucuma powder, cacao powder, agave nectar, local bee pollen, local raw honey, de-shelled hemp seeds and our exclusive Ancient Rose Petals tea blends from the Ancient Thracian Valley ...
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  • We will make your Soul Sing with mouth watering

Guilt Free Sweet Trips  ... 

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- Nutritional Consultation & Assessment 
- Accommodation
- Full Board inclusive of 3 main Meals, 2 Snacks & treats :)
- Personalized Slimming System
- Daily hikes - Mountain & Sea - Barefoot *see more
- Set of 6 min. trimming toning & fun exercises
  designed for flat belly that actually work !!!
- Organic Beauty Kit & Supplements
- Get to know Abruzzo Trip
- Plenty of Fun
- Bonuses

This Wellness Holiday follows our

‘Green Philosophy’ where the concept of luxury is replaced by a new ideal of overall wellness ...

It includes ethical values, respect for the environment, enhancement of the territory and recovery of traditions, as well as eco-sustainability and it is geared towards a recovery of physical and mental balance, invoking all your senses ... 

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Your Farm Organic Week here is part of 3 weeks Programme. You will be given a personalised plan to start one week prior to your arrival. Here, at the Retreat you will receive your third week plan as a follow up after your departure. You will be furnished with a set of new skills that will serve you for life ...






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Holistic Holiday ... Holistic Approach ... Holistic Villa ...
In the heart of the SPA village Caramanico Terme, this 4 store Villa, built with the famous Majella Stone offers minimalistic, yet stylish decor. The style calls for comfort and cosiness. Old & Modern fusion blend, born to inspire life, well-being and harmony.

The Villa accommodates up to 6 people, each with own room. The large terrace patio offers breath taking views of the Majella Mountain (also called The Mother Mountain for its gentle, feminine energy), and is suitable for birds watching and even wild life observation.

Your residence is all about blurring the lines between the indoor and the scenery outside.

Situated right in the middle of the famous Old Town Centre, within minutes from shops, churches and fountains of Caramanico Terme, which in 2013 was nominated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Places are subject to availability. Attention to detail is important to us and so we accept only groups of 6 to 8 people
at a time.

Single Room:  
£ 1145
Room Sharing: £ 945

Organize a Party of 6

5 DAYS, make an enquiry


There are regular flights by Ryanair from Stansted * and worldwide to Pescara in Italy which brings you to less than an hour’s drive of the magnificent Majella National Park.

  • Pescara Airport is now offering direct flights from London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Kiev, Moscow, New York and Toronto as low cost flights.
  • Rome Ciampino Airport is only a 2.5 hours drive.
  • All Transfers are Included.
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Simple ...  Enzymes are hugely important and are the life force of food – responsible for all metabolic activity in the body. Enzymes are needed to break down food particles quickly so that the body can process them. Cooked foods are without enzymes and pass through the body slowly encouraging fermentation and allowing toxins to remain in the bod. Toxins present in the body are ‘weight loss blockers’ and encourage hormonal imbalances – interrupting the body’s natural ability to heal itself, detox and process waste.

But the truth is that no healthy weight loss can be achieved without the removal of toxins from the body.

When properly followed, this Program you will not only rid yourself of toxic waste; you will also release disease- causing toxic feelings and emotions. 

Look forward to: Weight loss, total body rejuvenation, radiant skin, emotional stability, sense of self worth, more energy, greater mental focus, strengthened immune system, substantially strengthened digestive system, improved sleep, better eating habits (no more binge eating), clearer vision ... the list is unending.


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I lost 12lbs in the 3 weeks (following the Program) with my personalised plan and I was totally amazed. This is a rather life transforming programme. Albina's creativity and funky thinking bring a new edge to the work she does. She is authentic, personable and has real integrity which shines through in everything she does... a true inspiration. 
- Elisabeth Loring, Manchester 

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How do I feel? Rejuvenated is an understatement.  I have more energy and feel sharper. My arthritic pain is almost gone. I feel energetic all the time. My weight has dropped, my skin is glowing, my eyes are clear and I am not taking any pills, after being on pain killers, anti-acids and high blood pressure tablets for years. 

- Karen Howe, London



Most people associate Raw Food diet with boring, bland, strict diet ... Well, it isn't... It is natural, stylish, healthy, life giving and beautiful. This is not a starving week ...
This is a Rawsome Week ... Scrambled 'eggs' on rawsome crackers for breakfast, Raw Lentil Tacos, Purple Humus, Raw Thai Soup, Spinach Pesto, Nori Wraps, Raw Spelt Bread, amaranth burgers ... even raw spaghetti and lasagna dishes not to mention the fake risotto :) ... and of course ice cream ...we are in Italy after all !!!
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This is not going to be a Starving Week, and we know you are going to love our sweet guilt-free trips ...


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